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For any enquiries, please email to

-Dead buyers will be posted and blacklisted

-NO backouts or MIA after confirmation

-Payments are make through transfering of POSB account

-No refunds

-No Trades

-goods sold are non-exchangeable & non-refundable

-Price are negotiable for some items

-Biding will occur if two buyers are interested in one item.

-Items will be under pending when money is paid

-Price listed are excluding postage fee

-We are not responsible for lost of items

-All goods are in GOOD CONDITION

-Meet up at our own convenient


items sold

Coax mini skirt

yellow v neck

surf cloth berms

37degree shorts

hang ten white tank top

black tank bling bling

green short

black cardigan

Stripes cardigan


Flash Drive

white long sleeve &tube

Topshop Shirt

black skirt

elmo shirt

denim shorts

white top

mango top

topshop lohan

white tank top

blue polo

bebe top

Lesportsac Pouches

diva necklance

Miranda dress


White pumps

37 degree skirt

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Monday, June 18, 2007
feel the love at 2:29 AM

PRICE REVISED! CLICK PICTURE TO ENLARGE PRICE NEGO IF PAYMENT CAN BE MADE WITHIN 24 HR Alexis $20 chole-black dress $22 TUBE DRESS Brand new 25.5' downPTP:14 '-16' Price:$22 Prints wore once 15.5'down ptp:12.5' fits uk 6 only price: $9 Skirt 19'down waist- flat: 13.5 inch price: $10 img246/5715/70b75bc80bhb5.jpg JAPANESE LINGERIE selling the bra only brand new size: 80B Price:$22 Winkle Studs NEW $5 (free postage) Wizard of ox Puffy Sleeves BOW at collar Embroidery detail of Dorothy, Robot with a heart, and Scarecrow, and blue clouds all FREE SIZE. Fits a UK6-12 or XS/S/M/L Measures 17.5" across chest, 25'' length PIC CREDIT FROM PREVIOUS SELLER brand new price: $20 selling this red dress at $12!!! BRAND NEW WITH TAG picture is a bit blur, but look nice in real selling this at a huge loss. suitable for retro lover. black top $8!!! BRAND NEW WITH TAG picture is a bit blur, but look nice in real top $8!!! BRAND NEW WITH TAG picture is a bit blur, but look nice in real zara basic size s $18 100% authentic Junk food- miss lucky size:sx -fits uk 6/8 selling at$20 mng basic Brown tanktop EUR xs $11 stripe tank top free size Pirce: $13 selling RED strips tank top (worn once) $14 length: 64cm breast width: 37cm waist width: 33cm pic credited from piggy taiwan spree brand new jacket (for men price: $25 mail me for measurement

brand new with tag white tee (for men) width:21inch length: 28 inch

price: $20

Outfitter girls Denim Skirt (NEW)- $25 waist: 31.75inch length: 11.75inch

Maameemoo red Tanktop- *RESERVED* $15 length: 22inch waist width: 13inch breast width: 14inch

WH Black with Purple strip- $15.50 Shoulder: 13inch Sleeve: 1.5inch width: 13.5inch length: 22inch

WH Floral Shorts (NEW)- $19.90

length: 9.5inch waist: 32inch

The Box Purple Shirt (NEW)- $15
Shoulder: 13.5inch
Sleeve: 3.5inch
width: 15.5inch
length: 22.5inch Playgirl pink collar shirt- $10
Shoulder: 14.5inch Sleeve: 4.5inch width: 15inch length: 18.5inch POA Limegreen Sleeveless- $13 length: 21inch width: 15.5inch Double Index Brown skirt- $12.90 Material: smooth, soft length: 16inch
waist: 31inch WH Brown Sleeveless- $12
Length: 22.75inch
Waist width: 13inch Breast width: 13.75inch Samuel & Kevin Denim Skirt- $13.50
Length: 13inch
Waist: 32inch Outfitter girls Purple sleeveless (stretchable)- $13
Length: 22inch
Waist width: 13inch
Breast width: 11.25inch Brown This Fashion long skirt- $10
waist: 26inch
length: 26.5 inch FOX black&white V neck long sleeve (New)- size 1
$8 length: 52cm width: 34cm sleeve + shoulder: 83.5cm(each side) M)phosis belt NEW! length: 102cm / 40inches $13.50 Black strips Shorts (wore once) $19 hip: 30.5 inch length: 29cm Purple Spaghetti NEW! $19